The Second Day of Progress is Never As Good As The First

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Two weeks ago, I had an great lesson. Big changes. Huge potential for better riding and better ribbons [Making Adjustments]. Last week’s lesson was … good. This was inevitable.

1) Solidifying progress is never as much fun as the initial discovery.

2) You get on and immediately want everything to be awesome again. However, your last memory is from the end of the lesson. You forget all the steps that got you to that point, which you now must recreate.

3) You’ve probably inflated how well it went. A wee bit. Butterflies did not in fact descend in droves to bear you aloft on their wings.

4) If you tried to recreate it at home on your own horses, you may have let error creep in.

5) Beforehand to the first lesson was a much bigger contrast than from the first lesson to the second. Doesn’t look as remarkable.

6) Things take time. Everything takes more time than you want. Everything that is important to you takes more time than you want because you want to do it well.


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Katherine Walcott

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  1. Oh, hell yeah. Notes from last week’s riding journal: Tuesday: Yay! All this hard work is finally paying off! What a great ride! I love my boy! Weeeee! Wed: WTF? Thurs: Seriously? Story of my life …. 😉

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