Boosting The Signal, Book Reviewers Wanted

Want to read a book?

I have no desire to read books for review. I have more than enough to read. Nor do I wish to turn this into a review site. Plenty of other places on the Internet talk about books. However, from time to time, there are books I would like to promote. First up is a book written by a fellow horse blogger, Saddle Seeks Horse: a lifestyle blog for the everyday equestrian.

Horses Adored and Men Endured
Susan Friedland-Smith
Saddle Seeks Horse Press 2018

“When I was 10 I wanted to marry a horse. When I was in my mid-30’s I thought I would have to marry my horse. I had such a heck of a time dating for the duration of my single years. Can you relate a little? Horses Adored and Men Endured explores the age-old question of whether or not horses are God’s apology for men.” Horses Adored and Men Endured My Equestrian Memoir is Now Available!

What I Don’t Want
Negativity. If it’s that bad, we’ll all just move on with our lives.

Reviews that are a summary of the plot. Anyone can get that from the blurb.


Commentary that boils down to “I liked it.”

What That Leaves
Reactions to the book, with explanation. “I liked it because …”

Personal anecdotes that the book calls up. “The same thing happened to me …”

Similar books a reader might enjoy. Other Service to Reader possibilities.

Pretty much anything that isn’t one of the above. Got an idea for an avant garde approach? Go for it. Astound & amaze me.

Rules & Regulations – or lack thereof
As I said when I talked about guest posts in general [Invitation & Rules], I’m easy on content, style, deadline, etc. Also, no $$.

I supply you with the book. You supply me with the review. Dead tree books open to US residents. Ebooks available to anywhere I can send the file. In this case, the book is available in print & ebook formats.

If this particular book doesn’t send you, but you like the idea in general, LMK. There are bound to be more books.

I’d like two to five readers. I don’t predict a stampede. If so, priority will be given to new contributors. Don’t worry, I will find something for anyone who wishes to create text that I don’t have to type.

Talk to me. Review the books. Entertain me.

Update. Should have included earlier. No inside pool. Bought the books like an ordinary muggle. Unless there was a pingback, the author may not know I am doing this. (I’ll tell her when there is actual content to report.) Why do it? Because everyone deserves a chance to follow their weird.

Thank you for reading … and reviewing,
Katherine Walcott

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