Once More Into The Cart, Show Report, Winter Tournament 2018-19 #1, Driving

ASB Pleasure Driving


Whiskey basks in the glow of his blue ribbon … or, more likely, the sound of a peppermint being unwrapped.

Alabama Winter Tournament 2018-2019
ERA Stables/Elite Riding Academy
Arab AL, USA
Saturday, November 10, 2018
[Show Report]

26. Academy Driving with Whiskey Throttle – 1st of 1
Thank you to Courtney Huguley for the willing Whiskey.

Another driving Thursday! While mainly a blatant attempt to squeeze two posts from one horse show, the driving was an important factor in my weakening in the face of temptation attending the show. I might have held the line against Sam. Might have. Sam & a cart? Resistance is futile.

If I were a selfless soul, I would’ve said, ‘No, No, I’ve driven enough. Let someone else have a chance.’ Ha. Gimme those reins. We have discovered the limits to my generosity.

One horse. Hitch in the ring. Trot around the ring a few times. Same old, same old. Still fun.

The adventure this time was the mud from the recent rain and a very slight bit of terrain. We cruised around the top of the ring at the vertiginous angle of 1 degree. After the class, we exited up a equally formidable slope. I felt as if I was on marathon! Not really, but that’s as close as I get.

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