Taming the Feral Horse, Milton Goes Back To Work

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Milton chills after riding in the round pen. I got so caught up with my ride, I forgot to take a between-the-ears picture.

It’s always interesting to see how horses respond to time off.

Between horse shows (yes, plural, more on that tomorrow), weather, and the relapse to Standard – aka Stygian – time, Milton has been on vacation for the last two weeks. He’s had a few hand walks around the pasture, but serious work has been lacking. On Sunday, we loaded up and headed over to restart the process in the confined space of the Stepping Stone Farm covered ring. Husband Greg lunged and then I rode.

On the upside, no backsliding. He was pretty much exactly where we both left off.

On the downside, he was jumpy and tight in the back. Fortunately, the major bounces came immediate before I got on and immediately after. None during, although the possibility was never off the table. He got better when I asked him for more work, i.e. gave him something to think about. He’s going to be one for endless new and inventive exercises. He also reverted to traveling haunches right. That’s going to take patience on our part and and strength building on his.


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