AlphaBooks, C is for Calkins

Graphic Design



Lady On The Hunt
Clinch Calkins
with drawings by R. J. Davidson
1950 Harper 1940

Bought from Frost Pocket Farm via

In my TBR pile, but realistically so far down as to never reach daylight. Calkins appears to be a Very Serious writer, who “also published two novels satirizing the local Washington pastime of fox-hunting and socialite lifestyle: Lady on the Hunt (1950), and Calendar of Love (1952).” Wiki. Bought for the blog. I am addressing this unfortunate habit in 2019.

Inkscape. Couldn’t decide between the two designs. Text sizes. Align & center/flush right. Got confused with layers. Had to scatter and realign each time I wanted to edit a lower object. Probably not the ideal method.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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