What’s In The Feed Scoop, Summer 2018



Here’s what we are feeding these days.

Triple Crown Naturals [Feed Adventures]. I want to try to get off this if we can get Milton straighted out. Expensive and I don’t like supporting the non-GMO hysteria.

Electrolytes. I recently read that one should feed salt instead of electrolytes. At the beginning of the summer, we bought a big tub to save on buying several smaller ones . We’ll finish this and I’ll investigate salt vs. electrolytes for next summer.

Flax. Recommended as an additive when we were having trouble with Milton’s coat. Now that Milton is responding so well to the cimetidine, we may think about tapering this off. Less is more.

Apple or carrot. The first thing both of them look for.

Yeast. Just finished the last of. Market forces caused us to stop [not a post Horsekeeping]. Instead of tossing the remnants, we added a small amount to each bag of feed until the yeast was gone.

TC Naturals. Fortunately, the greedy horse gets more food. We don’t have to stand around defending the beta horse’s dinner.

Electrolytes. Neither horse is in hard work. We started feeding this in summer because Milton is obsessed with salt blocks.


Cimetidine. Unfortunately, now that Milton gets meds, we are back to separating or watching them at feeding time.

Sand-Aid. Milton eats enough dirt that this is still a good idea [Sand Colic?]. The package recommendation is one week a month. We did that at first, then spread it out. We’ve been on once every 3 months. I may move it up to every 2 months. Or drop it. Depends on his response to cimetidine.

Yeast. Ended.

Apple or carrot.

Notice all of these are Milton-related. The large, brown dork is a fairly easy keeper [Diet Change, 3 Feed Sacks]. Yeah, I’m back to calling him a dork [not a post Rodney]. I mean it affectionately. Mostly.

Stunt meal in photo. Actual meals are soaked before serving.

UlcerGard as needed [Finding the Solution to Gastric Issues, Unfortunately].

What’s in your feed scoop?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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