Finding the Solution to Gastric Issues, Unfortunately



We have stopped the Purina Outlast [not a post]. Over the years, we have tried so many solutions for sensitive horse stomachs: Outlast, ranitidine [Say Aaaah!/Update], Tums. Maalox, yeast [Tiger Whistle], and a variety of additives that Rodney was on when he arrived. We stopped for various reasons, from lack of availability – ranitidine [Zeno] & yeast [not], to lack of results – the initial goops, to wandering off to try new things – Tums, Maalox, Outlast. Maybe we saw minor changes for the good. Maybe we wanted to see minor changes for the good. Nothing definitive.

The answer is UlcerGard. It works. It’s ridiculously expensive. The rest pale in comparison. YMMV.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Categories: Horses

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  1. I’m glad you found something that works. Sucks about the expense though 😦 Since it’s an rx med, have you tried to use a price app like Goodrx? It’s saved me a ton of money on one of the meds for one of the dogs and I’ve helped others find better prices for their stuff on it too. Now we found it even cheaper at an online (compounding? pharmacy) that the vet who heard about Goodrx also heard about.

    And you and your abbreviations and foreign language quotes….thank goodness for search engines 😉

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