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ASHAA Fun Show
Stepping Stone Farm
Chelsea AL, USA
Sunday, August 12, 2018
[Show Report]

Five classes in four hours. Three horses. Two saddles and a cart. Two sets of pants & boots (hunt seat britches/boots & saddle seat jods/jod boots). Two hats (schooling and show). Two sets of gloves (I drive with a black version of the super-grippy navigator gloves [New Equipment].) Two quick changes (schooling -> saddle seat -> hunt seat) in the dressing room of the trailer, hoping that no one was looking. I could not have accomplished this without help.

Thanks for the first classes of the day go to SSF Assistant Trainer Melissa C. She supervised the driving: headed Whiskey when I got in, stood at the ring telling me to slow down or speed up as needed, headed him in line up, and then unhitched while I headed. I tell you, driving is labor intensive!

At the hunter end of the scale, thanks to my wonderful groom, in both senses of the word. Husband Greg took charge of Milton for the day. If I wasn’t riding Milton, Greg was with him: sitting next to him at the trailer, grazing when Milton got restless, holding him next to the trailer if Milton wasn’t quite settled enough to be tied. I think I attended to Milton for five minutes, maybe.

In the middle, collective thanks to everyone who made the show possible, from organizing, to judging, to volunteering. Despite being our home show, I did not pull my weight. I was gatekeeper for about two classes before I wandered off to get on another horse.

Finally, thanks to MJ for “pulling” (actually, carefully combing & cutting) Milton’s mane. Even though I ran out of time to braid, Milton looked sharp with a short, tidy mane.

They made it easy.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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