Hangry, Hangry Hippo



Milton had a very mild colic over the weekend.

Horse: No thank you. I don’t want a carrot.
Owner: Okay, have some Banamine instead.
Horse: All better.
Owner: That’s great. (Gets up every two hours to check for poop.)

Milton was PISSED.

We called the vet when we started treatment, i.e. walking & Banamine, by way of warning. Fortunately, a barn call was not needed. Our vet clinic believes in leaving the horse in a barren stall after such an incident.

Owner: In you go. No dinner, no hay for you.
Horse: Whaaaaaat?!??!

During night checks – why do they always seem to colic at 7:30 pm on a Sunday? – there was poop, starting around midnight, as well as screaming and attitude, constantly. Rodney had wandered off to eat. Milton was alone! Milton had no food! Milton was not pleased!

Of course, you wonder why. Feed/supplement change? We are always fiddling with their diet. Work? Nothing different lately. Heat? For unrelated reasons, we had checked Milton’s temp before & after his short, late afternoon long-line session. We knew for a fact that he hadn’t overheated – up half a degree, despite sweating by all parties. The vet said the clinic had several tummyache calls that weekend and that colic calls had been up lately. So, something in the air?

Milton was better in minutes. He was hangry for hours.

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