Winter Tournament Banquet 2018, Driving

Driving Thursday

(Continued from yesterday) … as it turned out, I won!


Alabama Winter Tournament Association, Facebook Group
End of Series Award
Academy Driving – 1st of 2
Thank you to the Wamble family for Alvin and to Courtney Huguley for Whiskey.

In the case of fewer blue ribbons versus a greater number of reds, it depends on the points assigned to each. Sometimes the math goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t.

Obligatory Grip & Grin
Photo by Courtney Huguley

I was out of proportion pleased to find out I won the division. As I made my way sedately and maturely back to my seat, I wanted to hug the award blanket to my chest and never let go. Admitting to an inner age of 12 may be an overestimation. 8? 6? 4?

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. I’m so excited for you!!! Congratulations! That winning feeling is definitely very special!

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