New Equipment: Blinkers

Coach Courtney suggested blinkers to address Milton being jumpy about the saddle [Milton Meets Butt Brakes]. I had never heard of this. Apparently, Saddlebreds trainers use blinkers when getting horses accustomed to riders. Perhaps an easy transition from driving, something a lot of ASBs do first? Of course, then the big step is removing the blinkers. She says about 1 in 4 have trouble at this point. Milton is totally cool about wearing them. Rodney, not so much. So far, the results from working Milton with blinkers are inconclusive.

I have no idea why Milton would need blinkers. While he may have used them for racing, I have photos of him being ridden sans blinkers in Canada by Fairy Godmother. But then, I haven’t understood what is going on with either of my horses in years.

Apologies for the snapshot. I meant to get a better photo, but it’s been raining since.

Have you ever heard of/used blinkers to train riding horses?

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