Here I Am

Yes, I am at Nationals.
No, I don’t want to talk about it.

Partly, everything I could say, I’ve said in previous years. [2013, 2014, 2015, 2016]

Partly, I could post positive perkiness …

If you are on a horse, you’ve already won.
Courtesy of Tonya Johnston on Facebook [USDF Interview]

… but it wouldn’t be real. I’m still fretting, as I did all spring and summer. No closer to understanding the cause. Not closer to finding a solution.

Partly, in the past, yapping has not kept me from being a hot mess. I’m trying not yapping.

As I understand the rules, my only cut-off was on Friday for both riding classes. Fourteen adults went down to 10. Then, those 10 ride Saturday & Sunday. If I were benevolent dictator, I’d go from 14->12, then 12->10. More drama, more entry fees. Or stick with all 14 through Sunday. Be more like the kids, who have to ride in 16-horse finals. (Post written before I left. Will try to include Friday results before this goes live.)

There are not usually enough drivers to require a cut-off. Classes Friday & Saturday. No driving final on Sunday.

In the past, there has been livestream on Sunday. Link here.

I may Tweet. I may not. In the event that I do, I have added Twitter to the sidebar for your convenience.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott


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      1. Ten-que. As in ten-que very much. Not, as you might think, Internet slang. It’s from the book C D B (See The Bee) by William Steig.

        … or at least I thought it was from there. Google says the C D B version of Thank You is N Q. Maybe it is Internet slang. Huh.

        Anyway. Means thank you.

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