State of the Blog: Belated Acknowledgement

I owe an assist to The Je ne sais quoi.

In March of 2106, I instituted the habit of ending posts with “Thank you for reading” [State of the Blog: TYFR]. I clearly remember having the idea while listening to the Winchester CD.

Equally clearly, I must have gotten the idea, at least in part, from Jeniese Hosey, author of The Je ne sais quoi. I was obviously reading her blog. In 2015, she was one of my Saturday Referrals [Cover Girl]. On the post just prior to the one I cite I’m On The Cover of Redbook!!!, she ends with “Thanks for reading.”, See Jane Write Bloganista Mini-Con Recap. I must have read it dozens of times.

This proves the theory that one needs to be exposed to an idea multiple times before it sinks in.

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So, thank you Ms. Hosey … and thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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