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Shopping Spree

Saddle Seat & Driving – Mostly Driving – Wednesday

Black cargo pants for the stylin’ navigator, ADS rule book, back-up gloves for the driver

Driving apron

Glasses straps for marathon: his, hers, & unisex replacement

Eventing watch for timing on marathon. Pink to match my gloves.

Combined Driving -> Saddle Seat Driving
I was so happy with my pink gloves [New Equipment] that I bought a pair in black for saddle seat. Amazing grip on the nylon work reins.

Saddle Seat Driving -> Combined Driving
Shopping for carriage whips on the combined driving web sites left me with sticker shock. I don’t know which division these are used for, but the tack trailer at a saddle seat show had them for $12.50. I bought two.

Selfie taken to get long-distance approval before buying.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Comments on: "Shopping Spree" (2)

  1. New duds look sharp. Nice. Meg


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