Retrospective, Horses in my 20s, 1983-1992

Bentley  Photo by Kathie Mautner
Photo by Kathie Mautner

Horses I have ridden.
Horses I have OWNED.

Horses of the IHSA
Horses of Avenel: Tory, Prinney, & others
Horse Shopping, don’t remember but must have done
Horses of Hi-Horse Farm, my side-saddle years
Horse Shopping, 3 or so
Patient Little Horse [Husband Training]

1985, age 22, Bentley finally convinced me that he REALLY didn’t want to be an event horse [Reverse Epiphany]. Sent him to a sales barn where they turned him into a hunter and sold him.
1986, age 23, bought second horse.
1988, age 25, frustrated with ongoing foot issues, I allowed a trainer to talk me into letting her take Jeepers to a sale, where she told me she found him a good retirement home. I am an idiot.
1989, age 26, bought Caesar, aka Previous Horse. [In Defense]
1991, age 28, Greg bought Mathilda. Brought horses to backyard. Experienced steep horsemanship learning curve. Kissed vacations good-bye. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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