Retrospective, Horses in my 10s, 1973-1982

Randy, Camp Longacres
Randy, Camp Longacres

Horses I have ridden.
Horses I have OWNED.

Horses of Clairmont Riding Academy, NYC
Horses of Camp Longacres, East Aurora, NY: Randy: Hooligan, Wind Chines, Pepper, & others.
Horses of Bar 11, Wyoming: Puff, & others
Horses of Avenel, Potomac, MD: Chantilly, Sabo, & others
Horses of Turtle Creek Farm, MD: Wilbur, Jonesy, Joe, & others
Horses of Morton Farm, NH: Trescott, Bronson, Rogue, & others
Horses of the IHSA
Horses of Upper Valley PC, VT
Horse swaps at my C3 & B tests
Horses in Europe: trotting an Italian racehorse & a tourist ride in the Camargue
Chantilly (different one)

1978, age 15, someone told me about “leasing” horses. The next day, I found an ad for Starter in the newspaper.
1979, age 16, leased second horse, Booie.
1980, age 17, leased third horse & first active competition horse, Kanu Boogie. Joined Potomac Pony Club.
1982, age 19, first horse!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Catching up on my reading! Whoa did this take me back in history! Starter, Booie, Boogie & Bentley! All of our adventures riding out in the woods and on the trails…oh my…

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