My Next Reading Assignment

This is not a review, nor a recommendation. I have not read the book yet. I bought it because of a Facebook post.


Brain Training for Riders: Unlock Your Riding Potential with StressLess Techniques for Conquering Fear, Improving Performance, and Finding Focused Calm
Andrea Monsarrat Waldo
(Trafalgar Square 2016)

Trainer: Horse is cutting in on the corner.
Me: He is spooking at the shadow, snow falling off the roof, phase of the moon.

This was always taken as a complaint or an excuse on my part. Not the case. It seems to me that the first step in solving a problem is knowing the cause. Is the horse diving left because I am inadvertently hauling on the left rein? Then I should stop doing so. If the horse is diving left to avoid gremlins on the right, my response needs to be different.

I like that the book acknowledges that behavior can start with the horse. Still up to me to fix the problem, granted, but I am not always causing it.

I will report back. Be warned, my To Be Read pile has reached such massive proportions that it has become a black hole into which books disappear, never to be seen again.

Also in the box was the blog book from Stellar Fashion & Fitness.

Fat Girl Power: How I Built Confidence through Body Positivity, Fashion and Fitness
Jennifer King
(CreateSpace 2016)

Full of personal stories and lessons I hope others will find useful and inspiring. Fat Girl Power: The Book

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Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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