Yesterday was our 57th day without rain.

The last measurable rain in Birmingham was on September 18 with 0.32?. The last time we had over one inch in a 24 hour period came on July 30, when the total was 1.33?. No rain has been measured so far in November … We blew past the record of 52 dry days in a row (set in 1924) last week.
James Spann, AlabamaWX Weather Blog: Drought Conditions Continue To Intensify

Beautiful, sunny days. We did not freeze our valuables off at Nationals. I realize this is short-term gain for long-term loss.

Dry, tough hooves. No mud to pull shoes. Multiple resets.

Hay. Rumbles are starting about shortages over the winter. We are thinking about supplementing with a hay replacement.

Thrush. Despite the epic dryness. Rodney has it in all four feet; Milton, in one. It is deep, deep down between the clefts of the frog. So deep that I have to use a Q-tip to jam the meds in. The frog is so hard and inflexible that no air is circulating through there. Anaerobic delight.

Hope your weather has been more reasonable.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “Drought

  1. We aren’t having a drought where I live exactly, but it’s been a dry few days… and I couldn’t pick everything out of Henry’s hooves yesterday…it was too packed/dry/hard! I had spray them with water first haha! I can’t imagine Henry’s hooves in an actual drought D:

  2. Not to worru. California, 3 years of drought. As a norm, here inland, it never rains May through October. Temps in summer ar 40 Celcius.
    When it doesn’t rain during winter, we really worry.
    And what about the hay?…

    We’re still alive. You’ll be OK. Hang in there haha 🙂

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