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“Behind The Scenes: Rick Hodges, Hodges Badge Company
USDF Connection
October 2016
United States Dressage Federation

A short interview with a maker of those lovely ribbons.


©2016 United States Dressage Federation. Used by permission. Reproduction prohibited without prior written permission of the publisher.

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Update. Article on the company website: Hodges Badge Company’s Blog

Comments on: "USDF Interview: Rick Hodges, Hodges Badge Company" (4)

  1. Way cool! Such a prominent part of any show — and who thinks of talking to the ribbon maker?



  2. We get our dog club ribbons from them. Fun to read this.

  3. I have always wanted to tour a ribbon factory to see how the fluffies get made.

  4. […] Source: USDF Interview: Rick Hodges, Hodges Badge Company […]

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