And Now For All The Other Parts Of My Life

We had a plan.

It was a good plan.

When I committed to Nationals back in August [Madness], there were eleven weeks until we left for the show. For four of those weeks, lessons would be unavailable or restricted. NBD. I’d up the lesson rate a bit when coach Courtney was around. No reason to get crazy.

Then life happened. Some of it was good. I played Annoying Competitor in a group lesson as show practice 🙂 . Some of it was bad. The week with two funerals 😦 . What with one thing and another, I went three weeks without a formal lesson.

Cue the crazy. [Sentiment]

One or two lessons a day for the last two weeks. Now we are done. The barn has all but shut down as the majority of the show & academy horses head up to Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show for the week. I will have one or two more rides before we leave for Nationals. Of necessity, they will be reminder lessons. We have reached the Que Sera, Sera portion of the program.

Time to pick up the threads of my life. Time to exercise. Time to scale the mountain of unwashed dishes. Time to make the progress that I feel is in the air, or find out if I was just blowing hot air electrons [Turning Point?].

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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