Milton’s Hoof

Milton’s left hind foot last Wednesday morning.

hoof before top

hoof before bottom

I promise, it did not look this way the night before. For a while now, he has had a small, shallow scrape across the front of that hoof. Did he ding it with the front foot? Whack it on a rock? Didn’t seem to bother him.

Blacksmith says that an injury at the coronet band can be unnoticeable at first. It will gradually get larger as it proceeds down the hoof. Then suddenly, blooey.

Fortunately, a) Wednesday was blacksmith day & b) my blacksmith is brilliant. He buffed & beveled. He filled with plastic (not pictured).

hoof after top

hoof after bottom

It looks even better IRL. As if it now has a chance of growing out without ripping off the rest of the foot. (Crosses fingers.) Pardon the blur. I was using a borrowed phone and trying not to take up too much time.

Now we wait. Still doesn’t bother Milton.

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