DIY Blanket Rack

Organization makes me happy.

We have a variety of horse covers: turnout blankets, stable blankets, sheets, coolers, and so on. Sizes range from the short, fat Mathilda to the giraffe that is Rodney. Several are well past their use-by date: large tears, missing straps, defunct buckles, etc. However, we keep them around to drape over the run-in shed fence for windbreaks in the winter.

Now that summer is coming, we need move this mountain of material to maximize ventilation. Blanket storage takes space. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them out of the way, yet easy to access, and neatly stored?

Enter my master carpenter. He ripped two ten-foot 2×4 boards to make four wooden supports that fit across the back of the hay area. Now every horse coat we own is hung up, with space between for sufficient airflow.

blanket rack 3


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Katherine Walcott

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