USDF Interview: Jim Corbin, Equestrian Realtor

Mar 2016 cov

Behind The Scenes: Jim Corbin, Equestrian Realtor
USDF Connection
March 2016
United States Dressage Federation

A short interview with a realtor who specializes in Florida horse properties.

Mar 2016 text

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2 thoughts on “USDF Interview: Jim Corbin, Equestrian Realtor

  1. I dare to dream (often, very often, she says as a late March Nor’easter bears down on us) that some day I’ll live where I can ride year-round. Or an indoor will suddenly appear in my back yard, which is hilly, so the odds are against that. At which point I start dreaming about a better climate. Again. I’m getting up there, so it needs to happen soon!

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