Foto Friday: The Daily Object, December 2015

Instagram header August 2015

Photo project from my Instagram feed, @rodneyssaga.

TDO Dec 2015


Began and ended with Starbucks.
Food-related photos (food item or taken at a restaurant): 9, four of them from Starbucks. Used the “free” downloading for new tablet. Given the price of their hot chocolate, this may be false economy.
Horse-related photos: 4. The pearlesque thing is a hairband for this weekend’s show. [*]
Travel (NYC) photos: 3. The Auntie Anne’s pretzel bite was both food & travel
Total 15 photos.

Routine explanation: started Instagram as a blog tie-in. Did this instead. A single object each day. Nothing to do with the blog. Occasionally to do with horses. Published here for archival purposes.

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*Update: No show. Report, Not.

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