National Academy Championship Horse Show 2015, Day 3


Go big
Go home
Stand ringside screaming for your barnmates.

Traditionally, the adult divisions (WT & WTC) have less than the 10-entry, up-or-out cut-off. If so, I merely have to make the finish line on all three days to earn a fancy Top Ten neck sash. Advantages of being an old fart.

However. This year’s entries could be different. Horses could be horses. I will not count my neck sashes until they are awarded. Therefore, I am either riding today or cheering for those who are. Or both.

National Academy Championship Horse Show
Motivational reading I have left for myself.
Sixteen Hands: Surviving in a Subjective Sport
StreamhorseTV will broadcast the Sunday Finals. (Peppermints to JW for the reminder.) If riding, I am in classes 59 & 67, Adult WTC.

Sunday, November 1-MORNING
Morning Competition begins at 10:00 a.m.
54. Adult WT Pleasure National Finals
55. Sr. WTC Pleasure National Finals 13- 17 yrs
56. Jr. WT Pleasure National Finals 9-12 yrs
57. Pleasure WT National Finals 7-8 yr
58. Sr. Equitation WT National Finals 13-17 yr
59. Adult Equitation WTC National Finals
(I suspect this will be the Pleasure Finals)
60. Pleasure WT National Finals – 5-6 yr
61. Jr. WTC Pleasure National Finals 9-12 yr
62. Adult WT Equitation WT National Finals
63. Sr. WT Pleasure National Finals 13-17 yr
64. WT Equitation National Finals 5-6 yr
65. Jr. WT Equitation National Finals 9-12  yr
66. WT Equitation National Finals 7-8 yr
67. Adult WTC Equitation National Finals
68. Jr. WTC Equitation National Finals 9-12 yr
69. Sr. WTC Equitation National Finals 13-17 yr

I will not be in a position to help with technical difficulties. However, if you have any, please leave a comment. One of y’all may be kind enough to help.

Day one of #bloglikecrazy, a 30-day challenge from See Jane Write. Last year’s intro: Why should I #bloglikecrazy?

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