Take A Seat

On Boot Camp 2015, Progress Report 1, Joan made the following comment:

“Remember your alignment (of your spine), get your ribs out of your waist, shoulders back and down, put them in your back pockets, ground yourself on your sitz bones, move with your breath, inhale up, exhale down, shoulders over your hips, hips over your knees, knees over your feet. Hold a neutral position, relax into it. Breath into it…

Sounds like every riding lesson you’ve ever had, right? These are directives from her chair yoga class. I guess body control is the same whether one is sitting on a horse or in a chair. Thank you, Joan.

Joan on RS: Something Completely Different

What advice from other places have you heard that mirrors riding advice?

5 thoughts on “Take A Seat

  1. Swimming; I did a Total Immersion master swimming class for a year or so between children (as it, I had one and ended up pregnant with the second while taking the master class). The lessons were fabulous, and mirrored very much the notion that you have to be in control of your body and tell it what to do precisely in order to be the best possible swimmer.

  2. Ballroom dancing same thing. Shoulders down and back, move with your breath, ground and center, move your entire spine in one unit. Self-carriage (don’t hang on your partner – or, in horse terms, don’t use the reins for balance), energy created from legs, not by throwing body around.

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