Something Completely Different

Ask and ye shall receive.

On Friday, Joan said. “What an impossible jigsaw puzzle that would make!” [Warm-up Ring]. Voila!

Warm Up Ring puzzle icon

Click here: Foto Friday Jigsaw
Courtesy of Jigsaw Planet

I chose the mid-range (150 pieces), classic puzzle shape, no rotation. To customize the puzzle, hover over the photo on the Jigsaw Planet page, hover over the arrow in the corner, then click Play As. You can choose number of pieces, shape, and rotation. I test drove it with 24 pieces. The black & white border is the only thing that makes the puzzle possible.

If you click on the ghost icon in the lower left corner of the puzzle screen, the completed image is projected as a background. My grandmother would NOT have approved. We were not allowed to look at the cover image beyond choosing the puzzle.

Props to Equine Ink for using Jigsaw Planet in the post Make your own digital jigsaw puzzle of your horse. Everything I was finding was way too complicated. Then, I Googled “digital jigsaw puzzle”. The post came up as the 7th link. My search algorithm must have a default to include “horse”.

One thought on “Something Completely Different

  1. 24 pieces was fun. The white border makes it possible. Otherwise, sheesh! I’ll try more pieces later and let you know.

    Thank you. How cool!

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