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Do not kick the alpha mare.
Either by accident or on purpose.
She will be displeased.
She will be generous in sharing her displeasure.

An unhappy alpha mare does not result in a happy Milton.

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  1. Very crisp Daily Object. Nice! Looking forward to more.

  2. Anonymous said:

    I learned long before Milton. Don’t kick the alpha mare.

  3. Didn’t intend to vague post. I was amused by Milton’s reaction.

    We discussed how long he wanted to hold his back foot in the air while I applied various goops. Not clear if he tried to kick or if he waved his foot & my thigh was in the wrong place. Either way, he regrets his action. Thou Shalt Not Kick (or Bite) the Humans. Even Caesar learned this … if he had a halter on. He was not above taking a shot, if he was in a mood, was at liberty & had a clear escape path. But I digress.

    I’m fine.

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