State of the Blog: A Matter of Record

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The blog has been around long enough to serve as a repository for things forgotten. That can be good and bad.

The Bad
Part of stylin’ in the saddle seat show ring is to cut the end of the arena at a crisp, 90o turn, instead of following the curve of the track. This is called a diamond. I know this. I have been diamonding for three show seasons. However, this spring I hear that the point of a diamond is traffic management, ‘If you’re just going to get covered up, why do it at all?’ 

Well, hell. Why hadn’t someone told me this? I was randomly tossing diamonds whenever I had a clear shot. I thought the point was to impress the judge. I had no idea that other people where involved. No idea at all. It was never mentioned in my presence. Not once. I’m sure of it.

In Boot Camp Begins posted after my first lesson on diamonding, I wrote:

Riders use it to get clear of other horses.


The Good (or passably consoling)
Hindsight is useful for thumping myself about the head and shoulders. How could I have been so stupid? Why didn’t I see that something was wrong? Lather, rinse, repeat.

In So What Am I Going To Do? posted in November of last year, I wrote:

We think Milton might have something very mildly amiss.

It wasn’t mild – poor guy – and we took far too long to figure it out, but at least we noticed.
Gratuitous Pasture Sunset

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