Show Today: Winter Tournament 2015, Heathermore Farm

Update: Heathermoor Farm.
Not sure what damage would occur if I were to change the title after posting.

Mission Directive
Dec 2014 awta streamerMy saddle seat goal for 2015 is a third visit to National Academy. Two years of red ribbons have been awesome [2013] [2014]. Time for a different color. Of course, it is very easy to obtain a color other than red (2nd). Green comes to mind (6th). As does purple (7th). Brown would be new (8th). However, I have a specific non-red color in mind.

Changes wrought at the end of last year appear to be sticking. No fundamental position or procedural gaps in evidence. Now, I need to work on overall presentation. Standing out from the crowd. Letting the judge know I am there to win. In other words, time to crank up the ‘tude.

The plan is to ride hard even if the class is soft, i.e. one person. But to do so gradually. To make each show slightly better than the previous. Of course, I want to go charging like I’m at Louisville. I want to fix everything, all at once, immediately. That way lies madness. And last-place ribbons.

Therefore, my immediate goal for this show is to keep up my level of riding while also being aware of my surroundings. Who is ahead of me? Where are the rest of the horses? Which way is the judge facing? In other words, start to navigate while I equitate.

Becoming savvy about flat classes won’t help me in the other horse activities I might fantasize about doing. However, any discipline would improve with a confident, kick-ass, show ring presence.

Mission Definition, Strategy, Tactics, & Lessons
Have fun. Enjoy learning something new.

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  1. Good luck!!! 🙂 And like another fellow commenter, I have faith in you! Capturing the joy of a ten-year-old (my niece) is a goal this year – when she’s excited about something it’s the BEST THING EVER…and trotting into a ring on a gorgeous, fun horse is like that! 🙂 Have fun and go for that goal! ….and please give me some heads-up time if you’re going to be in Chattanooga or Murfreesboro and I’ll try to make the show to cheer you on!

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