Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Between preparing for Nationals, attending Nationals [Show Report], and recovering from Nationals, the home team got an unearned but hefty vacation. They’ve had sporadic work when my Top Hand had time, or when I wasn’t face first in my pillow from two-a-day lessons. But no noses to grindstones.

No longer! Back to work! Time to make something happen!


In theory, the Thoroughbreds offer me so much more. Riding my own horses. Riding every day. Jumping. Remember jumping? In reality, the Saddlebreds have the edge at the moment. Horses to actually ride. People to talk with. Ribbons. Big, fluffy, ruffled, awesome ribbons.

Bridles, tack, & helmet were dragged out this weekend. Rodney did couch time & long-lined. Milton long-lined twice. On the one hand, nice progress with both horses. On the other hand, an infinitude away from were I wish to be with either one.

Plus ca change …

Parking lot art from my local tack store.

parking art

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