To Go or Not To Go

National Academy Championship Horse Show, day 0

Saddle seat shows run on this stuff.
Saddle seat shows run on this stuff.

If all goes to plan, horses and riders and coach and helpers and parents are now in Tennessee getting ready to show tomorrow.

I almost didn’t go.

1) If the trip is just to have the experience, I’ve done that. Last year was awesome. Once was enough. I don’t need awesome redux.

2) I don’t ride pretty. Not the way they want.

3) Given my mood recently, am I sporting enough and strong enough to get booted out on Friday but stay to cheer the rest of the weekend?

1) Fancy helmet [New 1]. Shiny boots [New 2]. A change of clothes for Sunday.

2) If I go in 2015, exposure this year will be a benefit.

3) Coach says show record doesn’t forecast for Nationals. She’s had year-long winners who can’t get noticed and folks with lousy records do well.

A bad day at a horse show is still a day at a horse show.

To line up in each class knowing I rode well. If I lay down my best trip and someone is better on the day, oh well. Back to to the schooling ring. If someone is going to beat me, I want to make them to work for it.

Sunday’s classes will be livestreamed courtesy of ATW Sportscast. I will ride in classes 59 & 67. Cross fingers.

Tweets. Per usual. This is my show tweet anniversary [Toy]. As a reminder, if you wish to follow along:
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4 thoughts on “To Go or Not To Go

  1. Sounds like a solid plan. Good luck! I did open my Twitter account for the first time in years for your last last show, but I suspect I’m more technologically challenged than I think.

  2. Best wishes for you. As you say, make the others work for their ribbons. If you place well, so be it.

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