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Resistance is futile.
Resistance is futile.

We have joined the 21st century. We went to the Verizon store, closed our eyes, signed, and emerged with two smart phones. My first project will be to live tweet my next horse show, the National Academy Championship Horse Show, November 1-3, 2013, Murfressboro, TN. Website, Facebook.

I will be one of eight competitors from Stepping Stone Farm: three WTC, three WT, one leadline, one driving. The entire show is Academy.

If you wish to follow along:
I have expanded the tweet display on my sidebar –>
@RodneysSaga (
Google search: Twitter Rodney’s Saga

For those of you who might be interested in my every move but are not on Twitter (Hi Moms!), I don’t believe you need an account to access a page. You just won’t be able to send tweets.

My inaugural phone Twitter pic for those who do not wish to click over:

Hello Twitterverse!
Hello Twitterverse!
I may tweet a few times and get bored with it. I may tweet my fool head off. I may tweet extensively on Wednesday and Thursday when we are getting ready and then drop off the face of the earth once competition starts on Friday. We shall see.

The blog will continue as normal. I will have daily posts queued up through the middle of next week. National Academy related posts will start Friday. I leave Wednesday. (Don’t bother breaking into our house, Mathilda’s Lead Minion will be here doing the honors.) I always check, one way or another, that the day’s posts came up. Other than that, I dunno how much reading/commenting I will do during the show. See above. I’ll be back once the show is over and I have recuperated.

For the information junkies among us, has schedules, class counts, and all manner of other data. My classes:
Friday AM – 14 Academy WT Pleasure–Adult
Friday PM – 21 Academy WT Equitation–Adult
These two are definite. The rest of my weekend depends on how the first class in each division goes.
Saturday AM – 39 Academy WT Equitation–Adult Championship
Saturday PM – 53 Academy WT Pleasure–Adult Championship
Sunday 54 Academy WT Pleasure National Finals–Adult (first class, yikes! But yeah!) & 62 Academy WT Equitation National Finals–Adult

Go Team Stepping Stone!

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