Text Art: Flash Cards

flash card Rodney 1

flash card Milton 1 blue

We are having trouble coming up with Milton’s “color” [Barn Colors].

Blue – A appropriate color for a competition horse. Milton has already inherited some of Mathilda’s blue gear, e.g. grooming slip. OTOH, shouldn’t he have his own color?

White – His serving bucket is white. OTOH white in anything other than plastic is impractical at a barn.

Grey – Snooze. Not always available.

Silver – Pretty. Hard to come by. Indistinguishable from gray in some applications.

Red – Blue for Canadians.

flash card Milton 1 red

Any thoughts?


flash card box

2 thoughts on “Text Art: Flash Cards

  1. I just bought a halter for Knight today. And a plastic groom box and small bucket for cleaning tack. And plastic sweat scraper. A color scheme emerged. Blue halter and lead. Dark blue. Almost navy. I gravitate toward green normally, but I thought my last horse had the green halters. My husband loves blue so I went blue. Blue is for boys. Knight’s a boy–sort of. My bucket and grooming supplies containers are lime green. Hard to go wrong with blue, my friend. Or lime green. Or black.

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