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Australian Dream

The latest product we are using to loosen up the scar on Rodney’s back. It contains actual chemicals that increase bloodflow and may lead to revascularization. It’s certainly expensive enough.

As before, progress while remaining a Zenotic distance from goal [Zeno’s Horse Training]. It was an sufficiently entertaining tiger whistle that we have sprung for a second tub.

It is touted as an arthritis relief. Perhaps. After my mysterious thumb swelling [Lameness], my right thumb joint has intermittent, mysterious pain. Nothing serious enough to get looked at. I have noticed a decrease in incidents since I’ve been rubbing the goop on Rodney. Of course, it could be an artifact of the summer heat.

Am I recommending the stuff? I wouldn’t go that far. Let’s just say that I’m letting you know about it. If you do your own research and decide to try it, I will not arrive on your doorstep to wrestle the money back into your pocket.
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  1. Coincidentally, I’m using an Australian arthritis/muscle relief product on my post-marathon muscles. It’s main ingredient is Arnica, though, so not exactly magic. I happen to be using it because a Australian friend of ours sent it along (he loves it and thought we should try it – why he thinks we suffer from arthritis, I am not sure), and the smell is enough to make me a believer. 😉

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