Placeholder II

Update – Title changed. Apparently I wasn’t even being original, Placeholder.

If I were less uptight, I would skip this post and let the blogsphere turn without me for a day. But I’m not, so I can’t. (“Surely I can arrange my life to say something, even if it’s ‘Hi There’ each day.” [Where?])

Hi there.

I have post ideas partially drafted in my head, but can’t bring myself to write them out. This is unusual for me. I suspect too much weekend warrior. I have signed us up for Fat Cyclist’s 100 Miles of Nowhere bike ride in October. Instead of doing 100 each, we will be splitting the mileage 80/20. Yes, I freely admit that my husband is 4 times the bicycle rider I am. Even 20 miles is going to be an adventure. Therefore, lots – for me – of biking to get ready. 8 miles on Saturday + 7 miles on Sunday = severe motivation loss on Monday. (Posts are drafted the day before, hence the 24-hour time lag [Cinder].)

More tomorrow. Possibly.

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