The Mysterious Secret To Opening Feed Bags

When I started at the saddle seat barn, the kids weren’t sure how much I knew about horses. One of them asked if I knew how to tack up. Trick question. My horse, yes. Your horses, not so much.

In their defense, if you see a rider taking once-a-week, school-horse lessons and flailing around at the beginner level, you don’t expect her to have horses at home.

So, I was drizzling about watching the barn rats feed the horses. One of the girls laid the feedbag faceup in the cart. She pointed to the tear strip and explained that the bag opened from the right.

Listen Kid, I’ve opened hundreds of feed bags … and I never knew that. Seriously, getting that stupid ripcord to operate was always a stab in the dark for me.

In my defense, we keep our feed upright in trash cans. Front and back aren’t a consideration.

But really, there is no defense.


Answers to Text Art: College & University Alphabet

Rice – friends\pretty letter
Oregon – pretty letter
Dartmouth – attended
North Carolina State – local, took one class
Eastern Michigan – pretty letter
Yale – family, local
UC San Diego – Tricky to the point of being unfair, but I was there for a term, so I wanted to include it.

Smith – family
Alabama – local, in their alumni magazine, Ancient Lessons
Georgetown – local
Auburn – local

For another twist on a college alphabet, Fercott Photography spells out college names with naturally-occurring letters from each location.

2 thoughts on “The Mysterious Secret To Opening Feed Bags

  1. I solved that conundrum years ago by carrying a pocket knife, which I’ve said you should always do when you’re around horses anyway. (Cues opening scene of The Black Stallion) Besides, I get a certain satisfaction out of stabbing the bag and tearing it open with my bare hands after trying (repeatedly) to get the damn rip cord to operate properly. So I’m going to back away from my computer and pretend I didn’t just learn this lesson too. 😉

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