I had a tall, dark, good-looking gentleman flirt with me a few days ago. Unfortunately, it was Rodney.

He had worked three days in a row in the round pen at all three gaits. He was due for an easy day. So we did weave poles. He loves weave poles. He can do them. More importantly, he knows he can do them, which makes him confident.

As we walked back and forth around the poles, he was happy and relaxed. Then, he got visibly happy but still relaxed. Then, more happy, less relaxed. Then, full-on porn star audition status. The next thing I know, he’s arching his neck and wuffling at me.

I don’t think so.

When my husband took over, Rodney lost interest. He was clearly making a statement about me, not just about a people. I don’t know why. At this point in my life, I’m hardly creating enough estrogen to attract a small squirrel, much less 1300 pounds of male mammal.

Yes, he is gelded. From what we know of his history, he had the vet appointment at a proper time for a colt. Previous Horse was gelded years late and may have been used as a tease stallion. He hit on mares all the time. Never on me.

Weird. And kinda creepy. Apparently, I draw the line at human.

3 thoughts on “Speciesism

  1. Chief used to ‘hit on me’ all the time. (He was gelded at age 14). He ignored Princess (my little mare). With very few exceptions, I seem to end up with weird animals. (Including the gerbil, but not the fish – except for the ones who always bite my fingers when i have to put my hand in the tank…)

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