Her Name is Lola

Since I posted about blogging last Tuesday [Glaring Omission] and about writing last Wednesday [10 Reasons to Get Paid to Write], I don’t feel up to pontificating today. (!?!) Instead of the end-of-the-month, state-of-the-blog post, here’s a video of my lesson with Lola last week. This was on Tuesday before the show on Saturday. Show report tomorrow.

Understand that while Lola has trouble getting her left lead, she never has trouble getting the right. We got it eventually. After many tries. Go figure.


Finally, as always, I hate how I look. All I see are flaws.

Videography by Courtney Huguley
Video editing by G
“Lola” by the Kinks and “Hold Your Head Up” by Argent purchased from iTunes. (I can’t yip about word/picture copyright & then abscond with someone’s music.)

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Back off peasant!

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  1. That last pass is gorgeous. By the way, on Saturday in the championship class, you rode as well as I’ve ever seen you ride. And I mean ever.

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