Glaring Omission

Upon trolling the archives for the Sam post [Text Art: SMM], I discovered that in some show reports I omit explicit mention of the horse involved. The name usually comes up in the conversation, but by then I have mentioned the show, the class, and the ribbon. The horse should come before all of these.

It is not from lack of concern about the horse, rather the opposite. My equine partner is such an obvious fact to me that I forget to mention it.

Partly, the classes are equitation. Even showmanship is how the rider presents the horse. Therefore, when reviewing the classes in my head, I’m thinking of all the equitation moves I made, or failed to make.

Finally, the Stepping Stone Farm lesson horses are such veterans that they mainly truck around doing their jobs. They become reliable platforms for the rider to make a hero or a zero out of herself. The squeaky wheel gets the write-up.

I am grateful to all the horses who consent to carry me and to the owners who allow me to ride their horses. I never forget this for a moment. I just forget to write about it.

Julie Wamble, Alvin, Rachel Wamble, me. Photo by Mariah Bouchet
Julie Wamble, Alvin, Rachel Wamble, me.
Photo by Mariah Bouchet

Show Report: ETSA Midsummer Classic, White Pine, TN “Fortunately, there are folks in the world less possessive than I.”

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