Show Tweets: Dixie Cup, GIHP

Copilot tweeting while I drive.

1 for 3 on meals this trip.

Grand Prix Stadium
Grand Prix Stadium

At the last show, my waistband was held together with pins and I had to button my vest after I got on. My show clothes had shrunk over the winter. They seemed to have stretched back out. [Georgia] [Motivation]

I brought a stylus to the show specifically so that I could tweet with gloves on between classes. While I had plenty of time (note the time stamps), I also had to hold my valiant steed.

Exclamation points editorializing on the part of copilot.

No trouble driving past the NASCAR track despite being race weekend. We assumed the helicopters we saw meant that the race was still on. The race fan in my family tells me that the race was well over by then. The helicopters were drivers leaving the track. Either way, we slipped right past. The real horror show is Sunday night when the track empties after the last race.

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  1. Knowing what you you just went through makes the tweets amazing. You really are a trooper! Thanks. I enjoy going to shows with you.

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