A dozen words & phrases beginning with A that have to do with horses. The blog version of When a long-running series…Does a cheesy clip show!!!!!!

(Note: I was going use A for my April Announcement About A to Z. I ended up using that on Sunday. That left me in a late scramble to get ideas for today. Hence the cheesy clip show)

Authenticity, The Dilemma [Price?]

CW2 rider

Art Deco, The Zebra [Foto Friday]


Arabian, The Breed Then [Days Past]

Photo by horse's owner, whose name is lost in the dim, dark past.
Photo by horse’s owner, whose name is lost in the dim, dark past.

Aquatics, The Cross-Training [Spring Fitness]

Illustration by Jean Abernethy
Illustration by Jean Abernethy

Anniversary, The Good [Husband Training]

Photo by Kathie Mautner
Photo by Kathie Mautner

Anniversary, The Bad [Aftermath]

Rlx press

American Saddlebred, The Breed Now [Ears]

Sam ears 3

Amber, The Guest Post [Babies & Books]

cov Dutton & AH

Alvin, The Champion [Show Report]

Photo by Mariah Bouchet
Photo by Mariah Bouchet

Advisor, The Coaches [Decatur]

Photo by Julie Wamble
Photo by Julie Wamble

Acetate, The Goal [Day 3+3]

Photo by Kathie Maunter
Photo by Kathie Maunter

Academy, The Division [Showtime]


Note on ordering: Given the option, I always list in reverse alphabetical order. Revenge from a childhood spent at the back of the line with a T last name. Nor did I have the distinction of being the very end. Master V and/or Miss Z always beat me to that.

Second note: five of the 12 posts are from my saddle seat life. That sounds about the right ratio.

Third note: None of the posts are about Rodney. If he wants to feature in a retrospective, he should pull his socks up and do something featureable.

Fourth note: The idea of list as narrative device was inspired by Listful Thinking. Given the number of lists I make to get through life, I really should have thought of this.

Baker’s Dozen Extra: Art, The Appreciation

Art Ashes II

atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910
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