On the Ninth Day of Christmas: 9 Pounds a-Droppin’

My third goal for the year* is to lose weight. I don’t obsess about, or even pay much attention to, my weight on a daily basis. I use the scale at the YMCA when I go swimming. When that number begins to creep over 150 lbs, I find there is a correlation with parts of my body being squishier than I might like. The last weigh-in was 157, so losing 9 pounds would put me under the limit with a margin for cookies.

I can still suck in my gut, stand up straight, and swan about in a pair of snug jeans. But the top bottom button gets undone as soon as I get home. In truth, the goal is more about fitness than making the scale say a certain number. I wish I could say that I want to lose weight/get fit to take better care of myself, or to live a more productive life. I just want to ride better.

Research tells me this is the same goal I has last year, down to the motivation [Resolutions]. How have I done since then? My middle looks better in britches – because I have purchased better-fitting britches. The walking has been a success. I go for a walk most days, even if I do little else. These are slow ambles around the field, not power walks. More walking meditation than exercise. But it is weight-bearing and that be good for aging bones, so I hear. Swimming was going strong-ish until I got yet another summer ear infection. Swam a few times in the Fall, but not enough.

Now that I have reliable transportation, complete with heat and lights, I will aim for the gym 3x a week. Mission success will be defined as darkening the door, if I just walk around the track and twiddle with a few weight machines. The first step is to make it a habit. If I wait for gung-ho enthusiasm, we will be having this same conversation at this same time next year.

*The first two goals being sell more writing [7th] and jump more fences [8th].

2 thoughts on “On the Ninth Day of Christmas: 9 Pounds a-Droppin’

  1. I am finding that baby steps work. Never actually “doing” something but taking small steps to “get ready”. Find the materials you need, lay them out, look at them, move them about and soon the project is on-going.

    So getting to the gym is good. Just getting there. Then, while you are there, fiddle, etc…. What else can be done in the same trip? Something fun? A library?

    Looking forward to hearing about your mission: getting to the gym 3x a week.

    P. S. I know this is just a rewording of your blog but it really, really, works. As you know, I have mostly been an all or nothing person so this is a substantial change. And it really works!

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