Chasing Perfection

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I am a writer not a photographer.

I knew that I would never be a capital-p Photographer, even if I ever figured out what all the buttons on my camera were for. I lack a true graphic eye. Oh, my graphic sense isn’t horrid. At least, it’s not as bad as my musical ability, which is non-existent. I enjoy graphic design and appreciate the good stuff. But, since the late 80s I have known I was a mere dabbler.

Life lesson moment. While at a newspaper job, I had to design an in-house ad. This was early in desk-top publishing (we still called it that) and most of us had just moved off of typewriters. Suddenly we had lots of fonts to play with. Too many. I mocked up a whiz-bang ad, with all manner of bells and whistles. Then, I took it to the basement where we kept the graphic folks. My artistically endowed co-worker [example of his artwork here] took out most of the fonts, added white space, and rearranged the text. Without changing a single word, he completely revamped the ad. Staring his screen, I knew then I would never reach that level.

Still. I was taking photos for the newspaper, mostly grip-and-grins but achieving the occasional jackpot. When I started covering horse shows, I was able to manage a publishable winner-over-fences shot. I would never love the darkroom (this was pre-Photoshop), but I was hoping for photo-journalist.


Blogging has convinced me otherwise. Part of my goal to keep the blog from making me crazy is to internalize that ‘Perfection is the Enemy of Good.’ I try to accept good enough and move on. However, I am more likely to do this with a photo that with text. I will accept a photo that is cute if a smidge blurry before I will stop fussing for exactly the mot juste.

Granted, one can always rewrite but not always reshoot, e.g. a sunset or a location. However, even when I’m photographing at home, say a LEGO construction, I will balance how far off the mark I am versus the effort of setting up, snapping another 10 frames, downloading, trimming, and so on. OTOH, I will get up in the middle of the night to change to a more felicitous phrase.

Verdict: I am a writer not a photographer.
Gratuitous Fall Picture
Rodney's Saga trees nov 2013

Not our trees but too pretty to pass up.
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  1. We each do what we can. There is no harm in doing what you are less than “perfect” in if it brings you pleasure (unless you are doing it for pay).

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