Barn Jeans

Current barn jeans
Current barn jeans

A while back, I came close to flashing the postmaster.

Our land is surrounded by field and forest. The neighbors are close enough that I call for help in a crisis but screened enough that I can do the occasional Lady Godiva to the clothesline. Therefore, not all of my barn clothes are fit for public consumption. I had one pair of jeans that had gone through the seat in a comprehensive manner. The rest of the pants, particularly the pockets, still worked so I kept wearing them.

Barn shoes while I'm at it.
Current barn shoes

One day I realized I needed to get to the post office that morning. Pick up a package? Mail the water bill? Don’t remember. History does not record. What I do remember is jumping out of the truck, taking one step, and thinking, ‘Huh? Oops!’.

It was bad. The wardrobe malfunction – is it a malfunction if you knew it when you put on the clothes? Wardrobe mismatch maybe? – was severe enough that I would need to go home and try again if I didn’t have a solution. I untucked my shirt. Not long enough. I unearthed a ratty jacket. Despite being well into warm weather, I wrapped the jacket around my waist and sauntered forth.

I think I threw those jeans away shortly after. I’ve already scared my UPS driver enough, but that’s a story for another day.

Process notes
This post started out as a comment. Cur Tales wrote a post about wearing “clothing that’s seen better days.” I gave a short comment. (BTW, her response is worth reading.) Then I realized this would make a cute post. I didn’t have any other ideas and it was at least barn-related. I was pretty sure that I had mentioned the story on Facebook at the time. To save myself the trouble of retelling, I went back through my personal Facebook timeline. Not too hard, I don’t post all that often. Plus the post would have been in the time period after joining Facebook but before the daily blog, a period of about year and a half. I searched. I crashed my iPad several times. I searched more. I finally gave up. As a result, I spent far longer searching than it took to type the above. There’s a life lesson lurking in there somewhere.
Gratuitous Cat Picture

SSF Barn Cat
SSF Barn Cat

3 thoughts on “Barn Jeans

  1. I once went out to feed the horses in a bikini and cowboy boots. (Which is a little too similar to the joke about the woman who was cleaning the house wearing only her birthday suit and a football helmet…) Yes, I was taking a sun bath. To give you an idea of how long ago this was, it was before the ozone layer burned away and started causing cancer. (Or so they say.) Anywho, I was too lazy to wipe off all the sun lotion and change, so I just pulled on a pair of boots, threw on a baseball cap and went about my business as usual. I’ve also fed the horses breakfast in my pajamas. All those upscale horsey catalogs with the cool duds are lost on me. I’m low maintenance.

    Thanks for the mention! I’m glad it inspired a post!

  2. It’s shoes with me. The pants are usually tolerably presentable (if you can call anyone in breeches — the $250 pants you look like hell in — presentable) but for a while this summer I was wearing a pair of paddock boots with the soles held on with bright blue duct tape. Keeping it classy up here in the GWN.

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