Championship Colors

ch eighth topAt last weekend’s show, the Championship classes had champion-style ribbons all the way through the placings. I’m familar with the blue-red-yellow of the champion ribbon and of the red-yellow-white of reserve champion. I even have a third place, year-end ribbon that is yellow-white-pink. I’ve don’t recall seeing them down to eighth.

A championship ribbon is composed of the placing as the center streamer and main color with next two placings as secondary colors. The Wiki entry on horse shows has a list of ribbon colors.

ch fourth fifthChampionship fourth place: white, pink, green.
Championship fifth place: pink, green, purple.

ch sixthChampionship sixth place: green, purple, brown.

ch eighthChampionship eighth: brown, grey, baby blue.

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8 thoughts on “Championship Colors

  1. Ha! When I was show secretary for events that used to run through ESDCTA at the USET grounds in Gladstone, I would order the most SPLENDID ribbons. They were a bit more expensive, but the ribbons are one of the smaller line items in a show budget, and my budgets always ended up in the black, so I felt quite justified in spending a wee bit more to make the competitors happy. 🙂

  2. Years ago I tried to get our local swim team to order horse-show style ribbons for their championship meet instead of the cheap, single strip they always handed out.

    Nah …

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