More Psyche Songs Sought

Since I will be riding Alvin (maybe, probably [Decisions]), I need a suitable motivation song list, as I have for Sam & Lola [Playlists].

There’s all the Alvin & The Chipmunks recordings, but a) “Alvin” should be part of the lyrics to help me remember the song & b) the character of Alvin the Chipmunk is hardly flattering to Alvin the Horse.

While you have your iTunes thinking caps on, Willie and Trump never got songs either. Any help, guidance, suggestions greatly appreciated. As you can see from the playlists, I am a complete musical cretin. I accept this about myself. Plus, my musical knowledge is as shallow as my musical appreciation. If it’s not part of Gilbert & Sullivan, I probably don’t know it.

One thought on “More Psyche Songs Sought

  1. The only Alvin song I know of would upset the bejabbers out of poor Alvin. From opera Girl of the Golden West and it ends very badly.

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