Mare Update

Mathilda is fine. She goes out for a few hours each day to stock up on vitamin D. We are gathering the nerve to give her the option of going out all night by herself. This spring, every time we would talk ourselves up, it would rain.

She provides just enough aggravation that we cannot completely stand down. Last weekend, Hubby came with me to the show, so we left lots of water out for her. Lots of water, in many buckets. One was positioned so that she could use it to scratch her, um, rear armpit. When we got home in the wee smalls, the silly cow was stiff from straddling the bucket all day. You can worry as much as you want. They will find something of which you never thought.

If I haven’t commented on Mathilda or Rodney in a while, they are most likely ticking along status quo.

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