Balloon Art

pink balloon
The result of Dr. Osborn roaming the corridors of the Alabama Phoenix Festival.

Observant readers may have notice that last weekend the recent show [Report] fell right in the middle of the three-day APF. My LEGO club had a multi-table display at the Festival. Saturday was the busiest day. It was also the day for the Academy classes at the Mid-South Spring Premiere. A friend allowed that it was hard when hobbies conflicted. Nope. No conflict. Horse show here I come. My LEGO buddies may have been surprised by the speed with which I dropped club activities when I started showing this spring. However, this does not come as a surprise to anyone who has know me for a while.

What do you chose when your hobbies conflict?

Event Report: Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013 by the Virtual Virago.

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  1. Travel, listening to audio books and knitting. The only time they conflict is when security takes away my knitting needles. So, generally, they work rather well together. 😉

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