Balloon Art

pink balloon
The result of Dr. Osborn roaming the corridors of the Alabama Phoenix Festival.

Observant readers may have notice that last weekend the recent show [Report] fell right in the middle of the three-day APF. My LEGO club had a multi-table display at the Festival. Saturday was the busiest day. It was also the day for the Academy classes at the Mid-South Spring Premiere. A friend allowed that it was hard when hobbies conflicted. Nope. No conflict. Horse show here I come. My LEGO buddies may have been surprised by the speed with which I dropped club activities when I started showing this spring. However, this does not come as a surprise to anyone who has know me for a while.

What do you chose when your hobbies conflict?

Event Report: Alabama Phoenix Festival 2013 by the Virtual Virago.

2 thoughts on “Balloon Art

  1. Travel, listening to audio books and knitting. The only time they conflict is when security takes away my knitting needles. So, generally, they work rather well together. 😉

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