I Love My Cats. Really.

After last weekend’s show [Report], I tossed my jodhpur boots into the bathroom to be washed. In the course of the day [Nevermind], my gloves had gotten wet. I tucked them into a boot to remind me to give them a once over.

Fast forward a few days. I hadn’t gotten around to cleaning either boots or gloves. Picture me rushing about getting ready to leave for a lesson. I reach into the boot, pull out … a dead mouse curled up in one glove.

I tossed the mouse, washed my hands 2-3 times, and took the spare pair. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go bleach a pair of leather gloves.


In cosmic coincidence, I had spent part of the morning reading archives from The Bloggess. One of her obsessions is fun with taxidermy, That’s way too many dead rodents for one morning. While I was there, I searched her blog for “horse”: UPDATED X 10! I NEED a pony. It is intended to be humorous. You might find it upsetting, particularly if you don’t like stuffed animals. No, not that kind, the other kind. You have been warned.

Sometimes I find her blog annoying because she puts bow ties on her cats and gets almost 400 comments: This is what happens when your coworkers are all cats. And by annoyed, I mean jealous. I don’t always understand the attraction. Still, I keep coming back, as do a lot of other people. She must be doing something right.

5 thoughts on “I Love My Cats. Really.

  1. Have you read her book? I listened to it as an audio book; I find her quite hilarious, and her turn of phrase can leave me lying on the floor. That said, I’d probably find her a bit wearing in real life. Funny in a large group, but probably not someone I’d like on my close friend list.

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